Trumpphobia Can Be Fatal

Bad news! I just had my annual physical and have been diagnosed with Trumpphobia. To make matters worse there is no treatment available. The doctor, however, offered me a glimmer of encouragement. Trumpphobia researchers are frantically working on a cure and hope to have one by 2020. In my case it is hardly a glimmer. A nonagenarian does not have the luxury of awaiting future cures.

 I have found that avoiding CNN news programs provides some relief from trumpphobia but still the very mention of Trump on any news program makes me break out in hives and have an urge to hurl my remote at the TV set. I do have the luxury of not following Trump on Twitter. If only the media would ignore his tweets that would be a help. The parting words from my doctor were to avoid all news of Trump's ascendancy to POTUS on January 20th. Wall to wall coverage of his inauguration might be fatal to someone with trumpphobia.

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