About The Iran Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration has finally negotiated  a deal to limit Iran's nuclear capability. Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to denounce it as a historic mistake. A bushel full of Republican presidential hopefuls have started to parrot his warnings. We will have to endure 60 days of militaristic posturing by our conservative politicians in Congress. So be it. In the end the deal will be implemented and we have a chance of stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

As a byproduct, the deal  will unfetter us from the control of our Mideast relations by Israel. Israel is universally believed to posses nuclear arms. Personally I am no more comfortable with this than I am with North Korea or Iran possessing nuclear arms. At best, Israel's views on nuclear capabilities are hypocritical.

 Bravo Obama. Bravo Kerry. Thank you for giving diplomacy a nod over bombs.

(By the way, the price of gasoline should plummet. I wonder how our neo-cons will handle that.)

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