Football Rules In Ohio

The Plain Dealer which publishes daily but delivers only four times a week, arrived for its second delivery of the week this Wednesday morning. Looking at the front page of the local rag I got the impression that the PD editors felt that only news worth printing was football news. Seventy-five per cent of the front page was devoted to Ohio State becoming National Football Champions and the Cleveland Browns renovating their stadium to make it more spectator friendly. I'm glad I paid special attention to the news on the Internet and TV this week. Coverage of the massacres being committed by deranged terrorists sucks hind tit as far as the Ohio media in these parts is concerned. Football rules! I swear if football were to be abolished as a sport, the State of Ohio would secede from the Union. I write this with the full knowledge that I have put myself at risk should this post come to the attention of an OSU fan. Actually there is little risk since reading is involved.

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