I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas

Its 42degrees out there. Showers (rain that is) are predicted around noon. That white stuff (snow that is) has beaten a retreat. This being the day before the day before Christmas I should start the lament "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas with every Christmas card I write". Not so. At my age I don't relish venturing out on snowy roads even though Toby boasts being a four wheel drive chariot. At my age, the Christmas cards have dwindled down to a precious few. Most of my friends have gone to the choir silent. Bottom line, I'm not as nostalgic about Christmas.I'm not dreaming of a White Christmas. I am dreaming of a bright Christmas with family and preferably a quiet Christmas. Let it snow, let it snow? Forget about it.

Buono Natale a Tutti!

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