A Pointless Search

Search engines are the marvel of the Internet. Its mind boggling that a few keystrokes can reveal more information than you could get from a day at the library (unless of course you make use of a search engine there). Just for the hell of it, I occasionally Google (my favorite search engine) 'Tony Rugare' just to see what a search reveals. I was shocked the first time I engaged in this egotistical practice to find that Tony Rugare passed away on Thursday, December 23, 2010. No way! Tony Rugare is alive and kicking. Proof? The search was made by Tony Rugare well after 12/23/2010. Being of reasonably good heath but not necessarily of sound mind, I quickly recovered from my shock. Just what made me think I was the only Tony Rugare roaming this earth? As names go 'Rugare' is not exactly a Smith or a Jones (with all due apologies to the Smiths and Jones' of this world, I'll be forever grateful I wasn't stuck with such a mundane moniker) and pre-Internet  telephone book searches never revealed many listings for a Rugare other than members of my immediate and extended family. Its not a big deal that the Internet has yielded more Rugares than those originating in Sinopoli, Italy. I can live with that, even though a 'Tony Rugare' keeps reminding me that we all must eventually join the choir silent. I hate to think about that since I have trouble carrying a tune but if it is truly a choir silent, I guess it would be OK. At this point a reader might ask: "Just what point is this Tony Rugare trying to make with this post?" Like any question, this one certainly deserves an answer. Ready? The post is pointless! Its as pointless as a Google Search of 'Tony Rugare' in the first place.

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