Our Achilles Heel?

Glad to see President Obama taking a more vocal stand on gun control. Unfortunately, I doubt that his call for effective gun control will move too many Congressmen off their asses. Not only are they in the NRA's pocket (or should I say dipping into the NRA's pockets) but with the defeat of Eric Cantor in the Virginia primaries we could have the spectacle of more Republican Congressmen ( and shamefully some Democrats) trying to convince the Tea Party how conservative they are by wrapping themselves in the Second Amendment. As far as wrapping goes, there is a company that has developed a bullet proof blanket which they claim is the solution to protecting our children during school shootings. Unbelievable that massacres have almost become an expected event. At least someone is developing protective devices while others develop more lethal guns.

Sad indeed that mass shootings have now defined the society of this country. Shameful that legislation for gun reform always ends up on the back burner. Frightful that a very conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment may very well become this country's Achilles heel.

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