March Madness

March Madness has crossed the line. It was bad enough when we had to suffer the interminable basketball tournaments but now March Madness can't handle a gentle welcome to Spring. Spring is here but we will fall back to below normal temperatures and possibly snow. The Ukraine will see no Spring. The Cold War is back and Russia will spring forward. Add to the list Malaysian Flight 370 which is a MIA and you must conclude that indeed March events are meant for a loony society. Further proof? Baseball season will open this weekend but not in the USA. Opening day in MLB has been outsourced - the Dodgers will play Arizona in AUSTRALIA. How mad can March get? How about Obama and Congress kissing and making up. It will not happen. Making out is more likely but have no fear, April is near. God is merciful. Allah is great. If ever the twain meet, it sure would be neat. Oops, I've crossed the line into March Madness.

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