Birth of a Camel Revisited

A question I raised back on 10/13/09 (Birth of a Camel) concerning health care reform has been answered. At the time I mused:

"Crunch time for health reform legislation! Today , yet another Congressional committee will vote on much needed health care reform legislation. I believe that this is the fifth committee, three in the Senate and two in the house which has tried its hand on this issue. If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, what variation of a camel can we expect after the work of five committees is merged into one bill?" 

The roll out of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has put the final touches on that creature. Its a Jackass! Unfortunately it is also making an ass out of our President. Watching Obama once again apologize for the botched job of launching the Affordable Care Act was heart wrenching. 

When the Affordable Care Act was signed by Obama, Joe Biden referred to it as " a fucking big deal". If the current problems with the Obamacare roll out are not fixed in a timely manner, it sure will be a fucked up deal at the polls in 2014 for Democrats.

At the break up of nuclear negotiations with Iran, Secretary of State, John Kerry stated that no deal is better than a bad deal. As deals go, I wonder if Obama settled for a bad health care deal just to have a deal? In  case of Obamacare, I feel that even a flawed deal was better than none ( such would have also been true with the Iran nuclear negotiations, Mr. Kerry). At least it has put health care on the front burner. Hope Obama salvages his landmark legislation before the pot boils over.

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