Smart Phone Update

After almost four months, I think I'm finally on speaking terms with my smart phone aka Telefinino.  I tap an app and its apt to work. The virtual keyboard is not exactly a success but neither is it a mess. The map app accurately shows where I'm taking a nap. I can surf the web . I can access Twitter and Facebook and can even leave comments. Oh yes, phone calls. Making a call, receiving a call and texting measure up to my former dumb phone.

 I didn't expect Telefinino to be promiscuous. I was pleasantly surprised when it mated with my car's Bluetooth and my lap top. I can even talk to Telefinino .  It talks back but not always in English.

There is a problem . I think that Telefinino  is a smoker. By the end of the day it has run out of gas and gasps for me to give it a boost. I consulted a smart phone doctor who advised me to have the phone shed at least five apps, Like  the Bayer Aspirin Facebook page and let it get some rest.

There is also the matter of obsolescence. I didn't realize how rapidly smart phone models became obsolete. I've got news for Telefinino . We're going to get obsolete together.

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