Octogenarian Screwed by AARP

The last organization I expected to be screwed by was AARP. A few weeks ago AARP was right on the ball and notified me that my membership was expiring in October and it was to my advantage to renew it without delay so I could take advantage of all the money saving benefits and services AARP offered seniors. After some soul searching about the value of an AARP membership, I decided to be supportive and  renew for another three years (at my age, this could very well be a lifetime membership). Off went my check for $43 which AARP efficiently processed. Today I received another reminder pleading for renewal of my membership with a disclaimer that my renewal and this reminder may have crossed in the mail. Fine, except this last reminder also contained a monetary incentive to renew my membership. Yes sir-ee, If I renewed, it would cost me $36 instead of $43. WOW, if I had procrastinated a couple of more weeks I could have saved $7 which I would have gladly contributed to their Foundation. Just proves that the early bird does not always get the worm.

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