You're next trip may be sooner than you think!

I received an offer today (along with a few million other consumers) from an unnamed credit card company. Action was requested on my part ASAP in order to take advantage of all kinds of deals and rewards on my travel plans. Not being a frequent traveler or a fellow traveler for that matter, I quickly decided to relegate this "offer I could refuse" to my favorite trash can. As I was doing so , my eyes focused on a dramatic plea obviously meant for non-frequent travelers - "You're next trip may be sooner than you think". My God, that's true, but why do I need a credit card when that trip rolls around. I know that funeral directors take every penny that they can but do they take credit cards? Anyway, my plans are to put off that last trip for awhile. As for the credit card company, their application was properly cremated and the ashes were unceremoniously flushed down the toilet.

ed note: The High Primal received the same offer but chose to tell the credit card company to stuff it up their ass.

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