I'm in a cloud

Every time  I pick up the paper there is a notice of someone in my age group having ascended to the choir silent, the latest being Senator Lautenberg. The honorable Senator Lautenberg left a legacy but that is a luxury I do not have. Neither do I have the luxury of joining a choir. My 7th grade music teacher, Miss Hugo (no relationship to Victor), saw to that when she unceremoniously instructed me to stand in the back row of our choir but not to open my mouth. One might argue that in fact I joined the choir silent many, many, many years ago. Of course, considering my vital signs, that is debatable.

 Being eligible for the choir silent can be depressing but it is also a call for action. As they say, time is getting short - get your ass in gear.  So what did I do with this sudden burst of energy? I decided to go to the clouds before I'm dragged there. Yep, I claimed a cloud of my own. I've spent some time putting all my files in a cloud. Why? Just to prove to myself that I am not a Luddite.

 Before anyone ties this momentous event to the tragic tornadoes in Oklahoma, be aware that my files hardly made a dent in the cloud I stored them in. On the other hand, my blogs floating around in cyberspace may very well be unsettling to Mother Nature.

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