Monday Morning Moaning

The Indians have an off day today, which means that the evening TV viewing will be lean. Since its Monday, I expected my favorite TV series, Monday Mornings, to fill the gap. Monday Mornings is based on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book; you guessed it, Monday Mornings. It follows the lives of doctors at Chelsea General Hospital. The episodes so far have been fascinating, especially those featuring neurosurgery.

Much to my dismay, Monday Mornings is not on tonight. No baseball, no Monday Mornings - what a bummer. To make matters worse, I have discovered that the final episode of the season aired last Monday. As Dr. Sung Park would be prone to say, "the series dead" - at least for the season.

In my opinion, it is a no-brainer that the show should return for another season. I admit that in addition to enjoying the show, I was getting the hang of neurosurgery. With at least five more episodes I am sure that I could learn to wield a scalpel with the best of them and that the Cleveland Clinic would welcome me (as a patient for sure).


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