Downton Abbey, Season 3- Episode 5

Watched the Super Bowl festivities off and on today (mostly off). Tuned in the game during the second quarter after watching the Puppy Bowl. The puppies had a ball but I didn't. I dozed off for awhile but woke up in time for Downton Abbey. I must say the doings at Downton Abbey proved to be more exciting than the football game.

Episode 5 featured the House of Grantham in disarray. The death of Lady Sybil and Mrs. Crawley's rehabilitation of a prostitute brought out the worst in the Earl of Grantham and his butler Carson. Suffice to say that both are arrogant bigots. The Earl is chagrined that Tom plans to raise his daughter as a Catholic even though according to the Earl, Anglican blood runs in her veins. He really blows his stack when his mother, wife and two remaining daughters have lunch with Mrs. Crawley. Of course the lunch was prepared by Mrs. Crawley's maid, the ex- prostitute. Mr. Carson, the butler, is bent on protecting his "family" from a woman of easy virtue and in the process throws cold water on a romance with the more liberal Mrs. Hughes. My guess is that both the Earl and the butler will learn some tough lessons in the future.

Good news tonight . It looks like Bates' lawyer is more like Perry Mason after all. He's convinced the key witness responsible for Bates' conviction to change her story. Bates will beat the rap.

All in all, things look pretty tense in Downton Abbey. The episode ended with the Earl and Lady Cora reconciling over the events preceding Lady Sybil's death. Will the Earl reconcile with Matthew and Tom? Will Carson allow his "family" to morph into liberals? Why is Tom, the Irish revolutionist, taking so much shit from his father-in-law? Could it be that he is a freeloader? Will Bates  return to Downton Abbey? Will there be a Downton Abbey to return to? Was the aristocracy of the British Empire really that conservative and puritanical?

I've tuned into the Super Bowl again as I mercifully wind down this post. Holy Cow, what happened? Less than two minutes to go , San Francisco has the ball, fourth and goal, a touchdown wins the game and they screw up - just like the Earl of Grantham. Wonder if the Cleveland Browns will ever get a chance to mess up in the Super Bowl now that "Lord" Haslam owns the team. Rumor has it that he really wanted to rename the football stadium Downton Abbey but First Energy threw too much green stuff at him to claim the naming rights.

Three more episodes to go.The only TV conflict I can think of is The Academy Awards on Feruary 24. Shouldn't call it a conflict. I'll be watching Episode 8 of Downton Abbey.

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