Gay bashing,WASPS & Headlines

This news is a bit old , but it really raised my hackles when I read about it. That's not unusual since most of the news these days raises my hackles. What in hell am I getting at? The damn Boy Scouts have reaffirmed their stand on gays. No gays allowed! I suspect that any Scout turning in a gay Scout or leader will qualify for a "Gay Basher" merit badge. At least this news has cleared up something I've wondered about since the days I was a Scout. Now I know what the "on my honor I will do my best to keep myself ...... morally straight" in the Boy Scout Oath really meant. Sneaky SOB's, they  should be made aware that gay bashing can be dangerous for your health. It was reported today that the Chick-fil-A spokesman has died . Did it have anything to do with the furor caused by his boss' biblical opposition to gay marriage? I wonder.

Then we have one of Romney's aides letting something out of the bag about his boss. The aide said that  President Obama doesn't understand " the Anglo-Saxon heritage shared by Britain and the United States",  The implication was that his boss does. So be it - another reason to support Obama. It's high time that Anglo-Saxons, aka WASPS, begin to understand that there is more to our heritage than the people who settled our original thirteen states. A look at the people populating the streets of London reveal that Britain and the united States have diversity to celebrate. I doubt that a man like Romney is capable of understanding this phenomenon.

What's worthy of a front page headline? The Olympics - no. A massacre in Syria - no. The sale of a sport's franchise - yes, yes yes! Ohio's largest newspaper carried this front page headline this morning:

Oh my God, the Cleveland Browns football team is going to be sold. Great! that will keep all the bad news from around the world off the front page for a few days. Don't worry about the rust belt. As long as sports survive , it will squeak along.

There goes the neigborhood - Apple officials said to consider a stake in Twitter!

Last and least, I survived the Olympic Games opening ceremonies - I didn't watch!

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