The Arab Spring Never Made It To Summer

Whatever happened to the high hopes for democratic reform after the Arab Spring? It appears that much of the Arab world is bordering on civil war, martial law, insurrection - anything but democratic reform ( haven't heard much about Tunisia lately where it all started, perhaps they are the exception). I'm sure it is not the political correct position to take but I say let the turmoil run its course. Arab countries have two strikes against them when it comes to true reform. Strike one, the military. Strike two, the Islamic fundamentalists. We are mistaken if we think that U. S. military intervention will avoid strike three without costing the ball game at home.

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Charles Leck said...

Perhaps not politically correct, but quite true. Religion gets in the way far too often for those who try to run nations fairly and justly. I think it is true now in many of the newly "liberated" nations.