Listening Post

One of the definitions of a listening post is:

A position from which to listen or gather information.

Listening Position
While in my favorite listening position in the recliner,  I heard a cerebral voice suggesting that I write a listening post. Why not? A post devoted to what I've heard is just what the blogosphere has been waiting for. One problem. My listening position invariably subjects me to dreams and nightmares which affect the recollection of what I've actually listened to. Nonetheless, I'll try to recall what came through at my listening post.

Listening Post
I heard Arianna Huffungton on the Colbert Show dismiss the right and the left in favor of right and wrong. At first blush it makes sense. At second blush some rightie might say that he heard that you are either a right rightie or a wrong leftie. As I listened to more from Ariana, I concluded that what we really need is common sense rather than righties and lefties. That's what happens when dreams confuse what you are actually listening to.

How about all the speculation on presidential candidates? If you listen to the pundits, the 2012 presidential election is old news. The real news is who is going to run in 2016. I've listened to all of their guesses and decided that it was time to wake up. If these characters lull us to sleep by declaring that the 2012 race is boring we are likely to be confronted by President Romney. Now that would indeed be a nightmare.

I keep hearing that Social Security and Medicare are in trouble because of an aging population. As I understand it, these programs were needed for the aged, so why are we blaming the aged. If everyone passed on before the age of 65, Social Security and Medicare would be in excellent shape. I'm sure some rightie will come up with a program to make this happen. I've also heard that those vitamin pills advertised for those past the age of 55 may be a version of Soylent Green. 2022 is just around the corner. I wonder if Charlton Heston is planning a presidential run in 2022. Probably not, I've heard he's still knocking at those pearly gates clutching his favorite rifle.

How about those Secret Service agents carousing with prostitutes in Colombia? I listened to a female lawmaker suggest that the solution to this sort of male behavior was to enlist more female Secret Service agents. I'm not quite sure whether the intent is to eliminate the need for prostitutes or just give gigolos a shot at the president.

I put my ear to a railroad track the other day hoping to pick up some news but discovered that all the news makers are flying these days.

Many people these days get their news from Twitter and Facebook. I tried listening to both but the silence was deafening.

I listened to some Cleveland sports pundits proclaim that Johnny Damon will be the second coming of Christ when he is activated as a Cleveland Indian. This will only happen if he grows a beard  and lets his hair grow down to his shoulders. He's done that before.

The High Primal has a habit of accusing me of not listening to a thing she says. Not true. How else could I have come up with "According To Marge".

That yawn I just heard was either from my horde of readers or just me getting ready for another listening post session.

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