AWTTW - 4getabout reading this

I was perplexed recently when my dumb phone chimed away, trying to get my attention that I had a rare text message. I opened the phone, pushed the soft key ( which is just as hard as all the other keys) which said 'view' and glory be, I indeed had a text message.

10Q for visiting my blog. Why I don't no, but 10X anyway. You may find that it's GIGO but 4COL at least you won't be BTD. AISI my.02 is probably more 411 than you really want. My ! on that is that it BTHOM why UR here in the first place. IMBGO since 404 as to what I'm talking about. Before I fall AAK ::poof:: :( ha-ha.

All that I could figure out is that I had visited someone's blog and left a comment. Being dumber than dumb, the blogger decided to send me text message. How some alien got my cell phone number is a mystery. My dumb phone was no help in deciphering the message. After my Buck Rogers decoder failed to shed much more light on the message, I surmised that in this age a smart phone is the only phone capable of deciphering text messages. More importantly  I concluded that I'm too old to learn another language and it's best to stick with my dumb phone. It suits my personality- LOL.

P.S. !'s on this post are welcome but have  a <3, please ! in English. @TEDTD IGWS that English is the language of choice. :)

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