St. Paddy's Day- Rugare Style

If I haven't mentioned it before, the High Primal is 50 percent Irish. Since she's my better half, does that make me 25 percent Irish? Whatever the answer, it is fitting for the Rugare household to commemorate St. Patrick's Day with some sort of celebration.

As the luck of the Irish would have it, today should be a sunny and pleasant day. The parade in downtown Cleveland is supposed to be the longest ever with record number of spectators expected. The high primal and I are not much for parades. Standing around for a few hours raises hell with our bladders. The parade is out! How about dinner out? The Harry Buffalo restaurant nearby is open for action at 6 AM and promises a rollicking time. The problem with that is that the high primal and I are well past our drinking days. Besides I understand that Harry Buffalo is owned by an Arab - American. Do they really know how to throw a St. Paddy bash? There is always Mulligan's, not to far away. I'm sure that Mulligan's would do honor to St. Patrick's Day but  I must confess, I'm not in the mood to be around a bunch of overly festive Irishmen or Irish wannabes. As long as confessions are in order, I'm not a fan of corned beef and cabbage. I know that's not fair to the High Primal Colleen but there are alternatives.

Alternative number one and the winner - STAY HOME and savor our version of a St. Patrick's Day menu. The menu will feature O'Reuben hot sandwiches. O'Reubens are the epitome of diversity - Jewish rye bread, Irish corned beef, German sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing. We both can tolerate O'Reubens. The best part of the menu will be dessert, featuring Irish Coffee made with Irish Mist and Italian espresso ( had to get the Italian in there someplace). The High Primal has a very sweet tooth. To satisfy her craving for something sweet there will be me - only kidding. A few dark chocolate shamrock mints will do the trick. Later in the evening I'm sure we'll be indulging in a couple of good old American Tums.


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