33 days to go

Cactus League play starts today.  Opening day is down to 33 days. It will be nice to look forward to some baseball and put aside , at least temporarily, school massacres, Middle East chaos and inane political campaigning.

As for the Indians, the pre-season chatter has them being a serious contender for the AL Central title. I'll believe it when I see it - right now it's like predicting Ron Paul being the Republican nominee for President. Miracles do happen - in baseball not politics - but right now I'll settle for the Indians playing competitive basebll. After all, basball is a competition - right?

I understand that Chief Wahoo has not reported to camp yet. That could be a good sign. Has he been retired? I doubt that Indians' management has the guts to do the right thing.

 Last word on the Chief was that he was in the Dominican Republic trying to assist right handed pitcher Roberto Hernandez, aka Fausto Cormona, with his stolen identity problems. Dominican authorities found some irregularities with the Chief's Visa and are detaining him until his application for a MasterCard is approved. If I were the Chief, I'd stay in the Caribbean - he's earned a rest.

The Indians will also be missing Grady Sizemore for at least eight weeks. More surgery for Grady. The guy has been snake bit lately. At the rate he's going, he'll be a cinch to make the Hall of Fame - the Sports Medicine Hall of Fame.

Chief Wahoo or not, Fausto or not, Sizemore or not, win or lose, it should be fun watching the Indians this year. Playoffs? No predictions until September.

BREAKING NEWS: MLB has just announced that the 2012 playoffs will be expanded to include a second wild card in each league. The Indians have reserved that spot.

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Charles Leck said...

May 14 is Twins' first home game against the Indians and I've got my tickets. Mauer is healthy and strong! If Morneau's health holds up we will be formidable. I'll be cheering against your Tribe with all my might, Chief Wahoo or no Wahooooo! Yahooooo Twins! Chas