Platforms are meant to stand on

I had a dream - make that a nightmare. In that nightmare, I was running for President of this great Republic. I found myself using all kinds of political cliches. Here' a sampling:
  • I support free enterprise- the enterprising rich get a free pass on taxes
  • We need to return to Reaganomics-  'trickle down economics' is good for the  rich - it will make them richer. When they piss on the masses there will only be a trickle because of enlarged prostrates.
  • I will bring transparency to government- What you see is what you get.
  • I'll get the country moving- Probably to Canada.
  • We need to keep America strong- During my first day in office, I will sign an executive order requiring health insurance companies to provide free gym memberships for all Americans. Illegal aliens will get memberships for a small co-pay.
  • The American Dream must become a reality for all- I will legalize LSD. All employers must provide free LSD in their insurance plans.
  • We are a Christian country- All atheists, agnostics and non - believers will be sent to Guantanamo.
  •  We must conserve energy- I will sign an executive order mandating a two hour afternoon siesta for all workers. The unemployed can sleep as long as they like. 
  • I will be a 24/7 President- except when I'm running for re-election.

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