Toys I Remember

Watching tree leaves accumulate on the lawn during a blustery fall morning reminded me of fall leaves making their way into a salt sack and finding another life as a football in my youth. The Depression years were very innovative when it came to toys. A few examples:

- Salt sack packed with dried leaves - a.k.a. football

- Coffee can dented from being kicked -  a.k.a. soccer ball

- Electric tape wrapped around a ball - a.k.a. recycled baseball

- Orange crate on a 2x4 with skate wheels on either end - a.k.a. scooter 

 - Bushel basket sans bottom, attached to a telephone pole - a.k.a. basketball court

-  Marbles - still around  but much more expensive

 - Pocket knife & tree stump - games of skill like mumbledy-peg, “baseball”

 - Broom stick - a.k.a. baseball bat

- Clothes pin, inner tube cut into bands, scrap lumber - a.k.a. rubber band gun 

- Clothes line - a.k.a. jump rope

Hold everything! I think I wrote about most of these toys before. Sure enough, there it is in the archives - “Games I remember”, 8/25/2010. Oops - most of what’s in this post was covered over a year ago. Well, at leastl give me credit for using a different title.  At the rate I’m going, I may find myself “accidentally” recycling a few other posts. I'll bet that some of those Campaign 2008 posts will come in handy as Campaign 2012 revs up. Everyone is promising  to turn the country into Utopia, just like they did four years ago.
Actually I shouldn't be so defensive about this post. It does prove that history repeats itself and more importantly it proves that even though the hair is whiter and the teeth  sparser, the memory cells are in good shape.  Now what was it I was trying to prove with all these words. A few more keystrokes and it will come to me.  QWERTY? That's not it. Maybe it will come to me next time I sit down to write a post. Right now I need to find some salt sacks to get rid of those leaves on my lawn. What in hell will I do with all those footballs? Maybe I could create a blog to market them.

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