Nostradamus Visits My Blog

I had a dream! In that dream Nostradamus made these predictions:

  •  Sometime in the near future college football will retreat to being a game played by students in good academic standing as an extracurricular affair. The NFL will have to look elsewhere to stock its teams.
  • Herman Cain's wife will file for divorce claiming gross sexual negligence.
  • Governor Perry does not remember why, but he recommends the  elimination of the State of Texas.
  • Romney will drop out of the  race for the Republican presidential nomination.
  • Romney will oppose Obama for the Democrat presidential nomination.
  • Obama will decide to run as an Independent.
  • The super committee will turn in its final report on reducing the deficit highlighted by a recommendation that tosses the ball to Congress to do its job.
  • Congress will fumble the ball and Obama will declare a state of emergency, cancelling all elections until the deficit is manageable.
  • The last I recall of my dream was that The United Kingdom had come to the rescue of its former colony and sent Prince William here to reign as Regent. Prince William's son will be born here, making him an American citizen. In 35 years, Prince George will run for President and become the first English president. President George's first executive order will be to declare an American monarchy with English as the official language.

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