In Search of a Post

According to my morning paper, today is Cyber Monday. Gee, another shopping holiday. My inbox is full of all sorts of deals that I can get with the click of a mouse. For some reason I'm not impressed. It seems that in order to get the deal I have to have a user name, a password and oh yes, a credit card number. That last requirement is a deal breaker. I've got news for all these retail terrorists. No matter how hard they try, I'm not going for their "spend until you drop" holidays. Bah, humbug or whatever the expression is!

(My blogging mind has been a blank lately, but that may be normal for my mind. Irregardless, I decided to milk commercial XMAS for all that I can. All the other news - child molesters, NBA basketball, Arab unrest, Bill Clinton praises for GOP candidates, the unstable economy, War,War, and more War is beyond my comprehension which means I can't write about something I do not comprehend or even want to comprehend. Stay tuned or tune me out, the worse is yet to come. I'm going to take an aspirin, go back to bed and dream of better times. I'm sure I'll feel better in a couple of hours - all ready to resume some senseless blogging. Ho, ho ho! Have I got a deal for you.)

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