It is inconceivable that we would abandon snail mail delivery or at the minimum castrate it. I acknowledge that I have contributed to the financial woes of the USPS  by paying my bills on line (it is important to note that I receive them by snail mail) and using E-Mail rather than buying stamps, but at the same time I do not want the USPS to disappear.  The possibility of its demise or a severe downgrade is unacceptable. Delivery of mail to our individual mail boxes I'm sure was guaranteed  in the Bill of Rights ( exactly where I'm not sure but neither is the Tea Party with some of its outrageous claims about the Constitution). It is up to the stalwart characters in Congress to step up the bar, have a drink or two on me and come up with the money to preserve an American institution.

 Technology has gone too far when it threatens us with the loss of first class mail delivery ( I'm not concerned about junk mail, after all it is junk). Our government owes us at least some reliable form of low tech mail service. I admit that is a tall order but Congress is up to it ( look at our tax code - better yet, don't look at it, just pay your taxes). Everything else in the country is moving at a snail's pace, so what's wrong with having  snail mail even if it must be slowed down ( if that is possible).  It will still be faster than the Pony Express.

 I don't mean to malign the Pony  Express. Had it not been for the Pony Express our flag would still only have a handful of stars on it.

 The mail carrier has been an American hero for decades but lately his image has been tainted. He or she hardly ever smiles and sleet and snow does deter them. He or she no longer walks from house to house but drives a vehicle from box to box . When push comes to pull, they still get the job done and my bills arrive before their payment due date. We need snail mail! On the other hand if the bill is not in the mail I won't need to pay it. Oh yes, I know, I will be asked to go green and opt to receive it digitally. The hell with that. No snail mail, then  I'm cancelling my Internet service unless Uncle Sam pays for it. Don't remind me - getting Washington involved with financing Internet service will start the mail delivery problems all over again except now some aliens in cyberspace will be involved. We can't afford that - save the USPS!

ed note: The high primal read this epic post and reminded me that a sentence should not end with a preposition. I retorted that it can. It's easy, I've done it a countless number of times. As Winston Churchill said when he received the same criticism, " It's my prerogative".

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