It's A Jungle Out There!

A man was shot in the parking lot after a San Francisco 49’ers pre-season game last night. He apparently evoked someone’s anger by wearing a T-shirt which displayed some derogatory words about the 49’ers. It would appear the gun wielder was exercising his Second Amendment rights. If one carries a gun, it follows that he has a right to use it. I’m not quite sure what the authorities will do with him. Any fool knows it was self-defense and God knows we are fools for allowing a liberal interpretation of Second Amendment rights. Consider this. How dare anyone take advantage of the First Amendment by exercising his right to free speech in a manner that could anger a gun toting proponent of the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment? What a dilemma! There is a problem here, and it will best be solved by everyone going through their inventory of T-shirts and discarding all but the ones proclaiming the right to bear arms. Better yet, do not wear T-shirts with any message whatsoever. It’s a jungle out there - watch your ass! I hope no one takes offense to this post. If so, please delete it, not me! The high primal still needs me.

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Charles Leck said...

Can you imagine? At a football game? Soccer crowds riot! An ass-hole in Scandinavia mows down children with his powerful gun because he hates Muslims. Jungle? Indeed. Tell the high primal to take good care of you. We need your thoughts! Chas