Evacuation And Ejaculations

As Hurricane Irene approached the east coast, the governors of the affected states rose to the occasion. One after another declared a state of emergency. Some went so far as to order mandatory evacuations. In the confusion surrounding the emergency, there was bound to be some misinterpretation of the well intentioned directives. At Joe The Bartenders place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, cheers broke out as Joe informed his patrons that the Governor had ordered mandatory ejaculations until Irene diminished in strength. At last reports, Irene was holding her own as the semen flowed freely.

Not to be outdone , the witty Tea Party citizens of South Carolina misinterpreted evacuation by a mile. All the rest rooms in Myrtle Beach were busier than Macy's at Christmas time.

In NYC unprecedented evacuations have caused the sewer system to be overwhelmed!

A more lethal misinterpretation of evacuation orders occurred in Texas. Although Texas was not in the path of the storm, its brilliant governor decided that he should act also. In lieu of evacuations he ordered mandatory executions. At last reports, Texas had the lowest prison population in the country.

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