Long May It Wave!

As is often the case, when in need of a post, browsing through the morning newspaper does the trick. Yes indeed, this morning, there were all kinds of events and issues waiting for my deft analysis.

 Of course in Ohio, sports dominates the news. I could write about LeBron James, the former Cleveland Cavalier, and his supposed swan dive (I am writing about basketball and not high diving) in the NBA finals. As a Miami Heat player he is taking a lot of heat. The problem is I could care less about LeBron, and basketball for that matter, in spite of the Governor who saw fit to make the Dallas Mavericks and their fans honorary Ohioans. Fortunately it is only for today.

Then there is the football scandal at Ohio State University. People are actually acting like the reputation of an institution of higher learning has been stained. Again I must take a bye. I always thought that OSU was a football factory masquerading as a university. I don't see why some football players selling memorabilia for tattoos is so bad. If they had attended their economics class they would have learned that getting into a hedge fund was more profitable.

I can't ignore Weiner and his sexting problems. On the other hand I can.

The Republican Presidential Candidate debate in New Hampshire? There is probably enough material there for at least ten posts. Big problem! I did not watch the debate or read about it this morning. The comic pages were much more informative.

The Indians June swoon would make for a good post but every time I start writing about these overachievers who have suddenly become underachievers, the tears start flowing. Damn Yankees!

There is something I am comfortable writing about. Today is Flag Day! I read this morning that Betsy Ross did not design the flag in spite of what my History teacher told me many,many years ago. I never believed it anyway. Red, white and blue? There are all kinds of poetic versions about the choice of these colors but really, the only plausible choice for the colors was the Union Jack. Uggh! Yes I could write a lot about Flag Day and the flag but after I spewed all the words out, only a few would be relevant. In spite of all of our problems, we can proudly point to Old Glory as the flag of the best nation in the world. Long may it wave!

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Charles Leck said...

Good stuff, Tone, old boy -- jolly good, indeed. I read it to a small group I enjoyed dinner with last night. 3 of them were from UK and they took exception to your "Uggh" about the Union Jack and your comment about being the best nation in the world. They had a gripe or two and one had to do with our failure to provide health services to all people of all classes. I stood up for you but I don't think it did much good. By the way, I see you've changed your banner AGAIN. Keep writing and forget the banner! Chas