The Chief Is Angry

Chief Wahoo must really be pissed.  The Indians success early in the season ( What's With The Chief) made me foolishly predict that the Chief had removed his curse. It is now obvious ( month of June, W8-L16) that the Chief has cast a spell on the Cleveland Indians that they may never get out of. Can you blame the Chief. Indians management keeps playing a logo game . Sometimes they feature the Block C, sometimes the script I and sometimes the Chief. It's as though they are auditioning logos in preparation for retiring the Chief.  I suspect that they would like to get rid of Chief Wahoo but are fearful of alienating fans. Alienating fans? The team's performance is taking care of that, not the idea of retiring the Chief. The Chief must go! Why can't the Dolans get that through their heads. Hold everything! I'm sure the Chief is angry about not being allowed to retire but lets not blame his curse for the poor performance. The Indians would look like a lousy team regardless of the logo on their uniforms. Still it's worth the gamble to retire the Chief and hope for the best. Oh, by the way, some hitters would help.

Breaking News - Chisenhall called up from Columbus. Finally, someone playing third base who can hit . Stay tuned.

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