We Are Ginormous????

Your guess is as good as mine
As if Toyota did not have enough troubles with sticky accelerators, tsunamis and nuclear disasters, it has now chosen to attack the English language. A Toyota dealer in the Cleveland area saw fit to proudly announce that “WE ARE GINORMOUS”. When I first typed “ginormous’ into my word processor , it reacted violently and promptly changed the word to ignoramus. I’m sure that would be more apropos, but not even a car dealer is ignorant enough to proclaim that they are ignoramus. Still , could the car add be in error. Maybe they meant “ WE ARE GENEROUS”. That’s a laugh. I doubt that generous is in Toyota’s vocabulary or any other car maker's. How about “WE ARE ENORMOUS”. That would be a viable alternative but hardly a good sales pitch. I must conclude that whoever wrote the add was sending a message - "if you believe we are ginormous then you are an ignoramus with whom we do not need to be generous". At this point, my word processor has given up and is sending a message that my typing errors are enormous and that I should try being ginormous when I write about Toyota. Did it mean generous? That will be the day!

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