You're Cute!

The high primal and I were walking to our car in a shopping center parking lot yesterday. As we approached our car , another car stopped and the lady driving, rolled down her window and with a smile exclaimed, " you're cute". We looked perplexed and she proceeded to explain, " you're holding hands". Yes we were. We thanked the smiling lady and continued on to our parked car.

We hold hands frequently as we walk and up until the "you're cute" incident, never gave it a second thought. This time I gave it a lot of thought. Was it because we are elderly that prompted the remark? Probably. Was it because there is so much anger in society these days that an innocent display of love  warranted a second look. Probably. Was it purely a well meant compliment? Certainly.

The incident also reminded us of a visit with a very good friend years ago ( years ago but  even then we were in the elderly category). During the course of a dinner conversation , this good friend volunteered  how silly and juvenile it was to see two elderly people holding hands. Our friend was a bachelor and pretty much self- centered. He had no concept of what made elderly people unconsciously demonstrate a bond between them by holding hands.

The elderly hold hands because of love for each other. The elderly hold hands as a means of demonstrating to one another that they are there for each other. It may be cute but as we age it is absolutely important that we support each other. After a lifetime of sharing happiness as well as grief and sorrow, holding hands is spontaneous and reassuring.

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Charles Leck said...

Good thoughts, Tony. A few nights ago, I awoke during the night and, there in the dark, I realized my wife and I were holding hands. She was sound asleep. I drifted back into a comfortable slumber and awoke again a couple of hours later (there's a lighted clock in our bedroom) and we were still holding hands. In the morning, over coffee, I told my wife about this and she smiled and replied softly.
"That's cute!"
There you go!