Go Miniature Schnauzer!

He's #1

  Tonight the high primal, with her dog encyclopedia handy, becomes a rabid sports fan. It's time for The Westminster Dog Show, the Super Bowl of dog shows. Her favorite will once again be a Miniature Schnauzer - that's like rooting for The Indians to win the World Series this year. If the Schnauzer is a long shot, anything cute will do ( but not as cute as a half naked poodle). Large dogs are not in the running as far as she is concerned. It has something to do with a Saint Bernard who slobbered all over her when she was four years old. The strange part of all this enthusiasm for a dog show is that we have never owned a dog. The closest we have come to being dog owners is to function as dog sitters for our granddaughters dog who happens to be a Miniature Schnauzer. The bad thing about the high primal's enthusiasm for the dog show is that dinner usually gets short changed. Not this year though. It's Valentines Day and the high primal is taking me out to dinner. I like treats.

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