As time goes by.......

As time goes by the big news becomes ordinary news and before long only an anniversary to be noted. It took less than a week to get the horrific Tuscon Massacre off the front page, at least the front page of The Plain Dealer. It seems that the front page, the past few days, has been reserved for the selection of a new Cleveland Browns football coach and the inauguration of a "get tough" governor. I guess it makes sense if you need to get your mind off making the hard decisions for promoting civility in our life style. Publicising the new mentor of head butting and " take him out" sports is just what we need. A governor bent on destroying the rights of the working man will certainly put civility in its place. As time goes by, civility will not seem that important as long as a touchdown is scored or a political party is put in its place. Hope I haven't crossed the line when it comes to writing in a civil manner. Go Browns - that should do it!

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