Who said the government does too much?

The weather outside is not delightful, in fact it's sh#tty! I haven't ventured outdoors yet, preferring to embrace the comfort of my keyboard. A few minutes ago I received a recorded call which made me feel warm. The call was from the Department of Aging cautioning us old codgers about the near blizzard conditions we can expect the next couple of days. The caller essentially said, don't do anything stupid and remember your age. The caller furthur advised the aged to have a friend check on them and to call 211 if help was needed to cope with the weather. Of course in case of an emergency, 911 was the way to go.

What's the point of all this. Damn it , I appreciated the call and trite as it may sound it made me feel that even outside my family there was someone who cared. What frosts me, no pun intended, is that I'm sure the Department of Aging is on the list of agencies we can do without or cut down to size. I hope that the powers to be will tread carefully when it comes to pruning government. A robo call in the midst of blizzard conditions is a good example of not wasting  taxpayer money

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