Some thoughts on our latest hand wringing over violent actions

  • The sports pages are filled with accounts of violent action on the gridiron. Players actually use their helmets to "take out" an opposing player. Wow, when did a nice quiet game become so violent? Where has everyone been all these years? Football equals violence. Its the nature of the game. The whole idea is to bring players down. That's what tackling is all about. Hurt the SOB! Look at the stands with the screaming fans. All that is missing is Caesar to give the thumb up or thumb down. If we are serious about protecting athletes who choose football as a profession, take away that option.
  • The Wikileak web site has revealed something which The Pentagon would have us not know. War is not civilized! War is violent! Innocent people are victims during a War! War makes money for a lot of corporations! It has been that way since the first caveman clubbed his companion over the head because he dared to disagree with him. Just what the hell did we expect in Iraq and in Afghanistan? The next thing we know , we will be shown videos of helmeted soldiers head butting Taliban fighters. That will make the Taliban wise up and order helmets for its fighters. War is just plain Hell and the United States of America is not immune from uncivilized actions as it conducts its wars.
  • Why do our representatives in Washington shy away from effective gun control legislation , yet are willing to give heart rendering speeches about violence in sports. Could it be that the NRA has deeper pockets than the NFL?

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