Is He Too Presidential?

President Barak Obama is beginning to worry me. I worry that he has become a little too 'presidential'.   He expresses himself in a very professorial manner and I must admit that in contrast to the George W. Bush gibberish it is a welcome change. Yet, every time he speaks I find myself yawning. Its the same old rhetoric. He is too repetitious.The times demand more fiery and courageous leadership. If there's a rabbit in the hat, now is the time to pull it out. The country is in decline and we need the words and action to convince us that we can climb out of the hole that the Republicans dug for us. I'd like to think that "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" but Obama has to convince me.  As has been suggested, its time for Obama to morph into the campaigner again with no holds barred. If he can find that rabbit, there will be plenty of time to be 'presidential' later. If he doesn't, he had better start looking for a self storage unit in which to store all that new Oval Office furniture.

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