Facebook Update #1

I've been on Facebook for about 2 1/2 weeks. My experience has been mixed - mixed up is more accurate. First on the positive side. The picture and album sharing feature is great. As I have said before, this is about the only way family members share pictures nowadays. Another positive is that posting to my wall makes me laugh and these days that's a real plus. Its not that my posts are humorous although  I'm sure my Friends find them ludicrous. Its the whole idea of posting something to let people know what I'm thinking that makes me laugh. What's funny, at least to me, is the searching for words which do not disclose what really is on my mind but at the same time satisfy the Facebook protocol. I have discovered that there is a protocol. Foremost one must be cute. Secondly, one must imitate stupid emotions like "ughh". Graphics is very important. It is not enough to indicate that you like something, a happy face, (:, is required. If I screwed that up, it's because I haven't figured out how to be happy with Facebook.

Now for the negative - you thought I already covered that. Facebook provides 2 + info ( learned that from the Facebook protocol). I feel like I'm a snoop or a voyeur. Some of the sharing ( an excuse for profanity and sexual innuendos) is more than I care to know about. The solution is not to surf through your friends pages. That works, but then the one positive thing is lost - photo sharing.

I'm sure that there is way around this dilemma. Facebook's Help page is not of any help. I can understand that. I'm trying to circumvent the very feature that Facebook touts; namely, get connected. I did spot something in their FAQ page. I can solve my privacy problem by deleting my account. I'm not ready to do that yet. I want to wait a while longer. You see the only Friends I have are those I solicited myself. No one else has come forth asking to be my Friend. This is very disturbing so I want to give it a while longer for those who want to be my Friend to come forward. After a few more weeks , I may very well Unfriend Facebook but for now to all who have agreed to be my Friends, c u - LOL.

( The High Primal just told me that the nutty pastor in Florida who wants to raise the Muslim wrath by burning their Quran on 9/11 is very active on Facebook. Hope he doesn't ask to be my Friend- ughhh!)

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