Obama And The Mosque

Obama has mellowed his original remarks about the building of an Islamic Center next door to Ground Zero. He strongly defended the freedom of religion on Friday but on Saturday said this was not to be interpreted as an endorsement of the Mosque project. Its almost like saying that he is all for freedom of religion but in this instance he does not  endorse the exercise of that freedom . Better had he said ( to quote some Republicans) that the decision to build the Mosque close to Ground Zero is insensitive.

The exercise of our freedoms is not the carte blanche right to ride rough shod over our neighbors. As with gun control, the exercise of our freedoms demands responsibility. It is on this point that the Mosque project must be debated. The Muslims have a right to build  their Center. Why two blocks from Ground Zero? Only the developers and Allah know the answer. If they can pass muster on all  the building codes,they have the right to build no matter how ill advised it may be.

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