La comedia e finita?

 La comedia e finita! Lebron James is gone ! After weeks of suffering through pitiful stories worthy of an operatic libretto, 'King' James has given the finger to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wow! Now we  will start getting real news in our newspaper and on the local TV newscasts.

Hold the presses, the comedy goes on! The Cavaliers majority owner is pissed and is dissing the self proclaimed 'King'. More fodder for the sports writers- less news for those of us who don't give a damn about spoiled players and disgruntled owners.

 If I were the Cavaliers owner , I'd be careful about what I said. Basketball players take their right to bear arms seriously.

 On the positive side, with the departure of 'King' James, the Cleveland sports scene can return to normalcy otherwise known as mediocrity, and that ain't necessarily bad.

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