The Killing Must Continue

 Justices Say Gun Rights Apply Locally. The New York Times reported today that “The Supreme Court held Monday that the Constitution's Second Amendment restrains government's ability to significantly limit ‘the right to keep and bear arms,’ advancing a recent trend by the John Roberts-led bench to embrace gun rights“.

 The vote was close but close does not count in the battle to take back our streets. Another way of looking at it is that our High Court has decided that the killing on our streets is merely collateral damage from “ the right to keep and bear arms”.

The NRA has proven once again that it is more powerful than any government. There is no political party at the moment willing to rebuff the NRA’s literal interpretation of the second amendment and this is sad. It may take a full scale massacre or a gun right’s militia challenge to our democracy to provide a wake up call. In the meantime, don’t annoy your neighbor - he may have taken full advantage of the  Supreme Court Second Amendment rulings.

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