We Interrupt This Blog

We interrupt our blogging in order to do a little bragging. We have three of the loveliest and intelligent granddaughters we could ever have wished for. As a bonus we have been fortunate enough to live long enough to have a great grandson and a great granddaughter to hug and love.

We are bursting with pride as our granddaughter, Jennifer receives her degree from Oberlin College’s Music Conservatory. In the fall, Jenny will be off to graduate school at the University of Michigan in pursuit of a doctorate.

If that is not enough for a little bragging, our granddaughter, Kelly will be a Junior at Kent State University‘s fashion school. This Fall she is off to Florence, Italy for a semester followed by a semester in New York City.

And then there is Cathy. Cathy earned her engineering degree and was pursuing a successful career in telecommunications but has taken time off to raise a family. Cathy’s The Attached Mama blog tells it all.

As for our great grandchildren. Marcus and Sophia, they are already showing signs that they will someday make their parents burst with pride at their accomplishments. In the meantime, with what time we have left we will enjoy them to the fullest.

Everyone thinks that their grandchildren are something special. We know that ours are!

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Charles Leck said...

Wow! Your pride is justified.