Random thoughts on the Kagan nomination

  • Should Title IX be repealed? The federal law called Title IX, , requires schools that receive money from the federal government to provide equal opportunities for boys and girls. These opportunities can be in sports, math and science programs, computers and technology. For women it has been especially effective in the sports field. Title IX has given females the opportunity to attend college, participate in sports, and receive athletic scholarships. Unfortunately there are those who like to equate a female’s participation in sports with sexual orientation. Will the repeal of Title IX save our women from a lesbian life?

  • I look at Elena Kagan swinging a bat and I see a female assertive enough to wield a gavel!

  •  Does a man cooking in the kitchen imply anything about his sexual orientation?

  •  Perhaps we should keep our women barefoot and pregnant. That may satisfy the Glen Becks of the world but wouldn’t look good at a Senate hearing.

  •  If a judge is actually a lazy lawyer, and a hard working lawyer knows the law well, and given that Elena Kagan is a hard working lawyer, knows the law well and has never been a judge, doesn't that make her eminently qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice?


Charles Leck said...

I'm struggling with all these tough questions you've asked, but on number two, about guys cooking, I suppose the answer you're looking for is "yes." But I suppose it depends on whether he wears an apron with flowers all over it; or whether he has a beer in his hand while he stirs the baked beans that will go with the half a cow he's grilling; or whether he's figurin' out how to get to the next Tea Party gathering where Sarah Palin will suggest that men who cook tend to be married to skinny women. If any of that makes sense to you, you are a wonder. Just wanted to let you know I've been here again. Chas

Tony Rugare said...

Thanks for the look ,Charles. Liked your comment except I don't think aprons with flowers are too bad.