Economics 101

The recession is over! How do I know? My Sunday Plain Dealer told me so. No, there was nothing on the front page proclaiming the end of The Great Recession. The paper told me so as I bent over to pick it up outside the garage door. It was the heaviest that it has been in the past year. Once I got it inside, I realized why. The usual amount of news but twice as many glossy sections begging me to spend my money indiscriminately. I shoved the advertisements aside, grabbed a cup of coffee and read all the news The Plain Dealer felt I should have in twenty minutes. Now it was time to tackle the merchandising news. I reached for one glossy and the whole damn paper spilled out onto the floor. If I was going to find out what was going on in the retail world , I was going to need something stronger than coffee. Not worth it! I picked up volumes of newspaper ads, threw them on the table and turned on the radio to get some soothing music. The high primal thinker could browse the ads and let me know where our money was best spent. In the meantime, I'll send an e-mail to Barack congratulating him on a job well done.

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