A little ado about a few things

In keeping with this blog's title , I need to get a few random thoughts off my chest:

  • A recent poll found Tea Party backers wealthier and more educated than the general populace. Education can lead to wealth but evidently it can also lead to stupidity.
  • Whatever happened to the United Nations?
  • Headlines are made when civilians are killed on military missions in Afghanistan. Iraq and Pakistan. Whoever said that war is civil ?
  • Perhaps the world needs a Commissioner of War, ala the major sports commissioners, to regulate all the wars going on! Everyone needs to play by the rules. If they don't there should be hell to pay or better still they should be barred from playing war!
  • Didn't we once have a Secretary of War? Ah yes, the post gave way to Secretary of Defense. They say that the best defense is an offense.
  • At long last change has come to Washington. It is now Spring!
  • The Cleveland Indians are determined to become the worst team in Baseball and are working hard for that distinction. When will they realize that Chief Wahoo has cast a losing spell which can only be broken by his release!
  • Today is April 15th. Hope those tea partiers took time off from their hollerin' and bellerin' to file their taxes. I forgot, the wealthy don't pay taxes. They are too well educated for that sort of nonsense.
  • Fortunately we have the middle class to pay taxes.
All I said is that I don't like The Tea Party and their antics, I don't like war, and I don't like Chief Wahoo as a logo. That would have been only a one line post - OK for Twitter but not for Blogger.

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