Its Only A Game?

My favorite team, the Indians, was leading the Angels 3-0 going into the bottom of the sixth. At the end of the sixth the score was tied, 3-3. Not to worry, plenty of time to pull out a victory. The bottom of the ninth, the Angels hit a bunt single and the Indians go home to the reservation in defeat ( isn't that the case in all the westerns). Before I heave my favorite cup of coffee at the TV set, I remember a lesson from my rehab days. Breathe in - exhale, breathe in - exhale, breathe in - exhale! That's much better, after all it's only a game.

Only a game? Why are these characters making so much money? Ryan Howard, 5 years at 120 million. Pujols worth fifty million a year. A utility infielder makes 650 thousand a year. This is not a game, it's a money machine. Have you read about any ball player suffering because of the Great Recession? It's not only a game! Big bucks warrant big plays , big hits, big wins. If they don't produce get the eggs ready. If they don't produce get the Tea Party after them.

Breathe in - exhale! It really is only a game - too bad some teams haven't learned how to play it.

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Charles Leck said...

Last night we (the Twins) was killin' the Lions. We had a nice comfortable 6 to 1 lead, so I decided to go to bed and sleep soundly. This morning I rise, turning to the sports section of my on-line newspaper and find that the Twins lost 10 to 6. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have gone to bed. Charlie