Keep the hell out of my government!

In today's Plain Dealer, Regina Brett devotes her column to sharing reasons some of her readers have for remaining Catholic. Except for one quote there were no surprises. Ms. Brett, a devout Catholic, molded a column around the reasoning of other equally devout Catholics. They are defenders of the faith and that is their choice. But what of the quote that bothers me?

One reader was quoted as saying, " The Catholic Church is still the Church of the people -- like the government used to be." The Church of the people? That in my mind is debatable, the Church reeks of authoritarianism, but if that is what someone is comfortable with - so be it. What really galls me is the statement, "like the government used to be". Comparing the Church with the government and concluding that The Church is "of the people" and the government is no longer of the people is ludricous. When is the last time that the people elected a Pope, a Bishop, a Pastor? When did the Church relinquish its veto power over the will of the people.

The last I heard we have a government of the people and for the people and no one has dared to change that. The people still have the power of the vote and its their choice as to how they use it.

I wonder, has The Tea Party and its anti- government rhetoric infiltrated The Church? Does the Pope know about this? Why do Catholics refer to THE CHURCH as though there were no other church? If The Church is of the people when will the people use their supposed power to clean house? When will The Church release its people from bondage?

Catholics should keep their Faith if that is what they are comfortable with, but for Heaven's sake keep the hell out of my Government!

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Charles Leck said...

Tony, this is your best blog ever. You nailed it perfectly, my boy. Keep up the good work and I'll keep on reading you. The Catholic Church does need some major house-keeping, but I don't think it's gonna happen.