About British Politics

On April 6th, Gordon Brown announced that the United Kingdom would hold a general election on May 6, 2010. Within thirty days the Brits will decide whether Labour will continue to govern or whether the Conservatives will be the ruling party. Compare that to our presidential elections which occupy the political scene for a good two years and at the present seem to start right after Inauguration Day. The British system almost makes me envious. Cost efficient, a minimum of disruption and most important of all, only a proven leader will be the next Prime Minister no matter which party wins. Too bad they are beholden to a monarch.

(The high primal thinker criticized the last line in this post. She pointed out that the British are not beholden to a monarch - the monarch is ceremonial. To this high primal thought , I must respond that any populace that requires a monarch as head of state even as a ceremonial post is either beholden to that monarch or a bunch of a-holes!)

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