Decisions, Decisions

Just as Fuji The Toyota and I were at peace with the sudden acceleration syndrome, the Japanese automaker announced a new option .Some nitwit at Toyota decided to give a customer who is unhappy with the feel of the accelerator after a car is repaired, the option of replacing the accelerator pedal at no charge
Feel of the accelerator? I asked Fuji for the umpteenth time how its accelerator was feeling and the response was, "OK, for the umpteenth time!" I felt the accelerator myself and it felt cold and hard. As far as I know that's what an accelerator is supposed to feel like.

Still, why would Toyota make such an offer? They must know more than they are letting on to. As for Fuji declaring that there is no problem, it is understandable. No one wants to volunteer for surgery. But again what does Toyota know that they don't want me to know. I'm sure they are hoping that Fuj's accelerator feels fine to Fuji and myself.

The problem is now every time I take Fuji out for a drive, I'll be feeling the accelerator and that's worse than texting. In spite of Fuj's reluctance to undergo more surgery perhaps I should declare that the accelerator does not feel fine. On the other hand, if the surgery is truly unnecessary I may end up with an unhappy Fuji and an accelerator that still does not feel fine.

Is there something wrong with Toyota's original accelerator fix? Should I put Fuji through more surgery? Am I insensitive to the feel of an accelerator? Based upon all the bad press , should I just assume that the pedal doesn't feel fine? Decisions,decisions! Fuji isn't going to be of much help in reaching a decision especially since the media is reporting that Americans have switched their preference in autos to Fords. Fuji is in a funk. Maybe the warmer weather will perk Fuji up. In the meantime I'll sleep on the accelerator replacement.

Ed Note: I woke up from my sleep on Fuji's accelerator in a start. I had a nightmare - Fuji might just be a lemon! That's OK, I like lemonade. Maybe the only way I can get a good nights sleep is to replace that damn accelerator pedal - at no cost of course. For sure I'm no longer sleeping on a cold, hard accelerator pedal!

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