Living up to my New Years resolution

Resolving to only indulge in posts that reflect quality is proving to be difficult. Three days into 2010 and I have not come up with anything qualifying as quality. I even tried my hand at dissecting the meaning of Jihad and actually published it. Don't look for it - the delete key put it in the trash can. I considered a humorous post about putting Christmas in a box but decided there was not anything funny about taking down Christmas decorations in near zero weather. If I wait for the right post, it could come dangerously close to wishing everyone a Happy New Year again. New Years resolutions I'm told are meant to be broken. It's an option that I am taking advantage of. Quality in writing is a lofty goal which I will leave to the professional writers. Now that I've resolved the quality bit I should be able to start posting. The problem is that even crap does not come easily. I'll take a Dulcolax and hope for the best.

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