Dress Up Coffee

During a recent visit to the local supermarket, I was taken aback when my high primal thinking spouse asked me if we needed "dress up coffee". "Dress up coffee"? Upon further questioning I discovered that according to Marge " dress up coffee" is one of the premium brands of coffee such as Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Dunk & Donut - whichever happens to be on sale.

Confused? You have to understand that we are not coffee connoisseurs and can hardly tell the difference between Maxwell House and Starbucks coffee. On the other hand our children and grandchildren consider themselves connoisseurs. It is mandatory therefore that we have the premium brand coffee on hand for their visits. Brewing the premium coffee is like putting on your Sunday best, thus "dress up coffee".

So what is the opposite of " dress up coffee"? You guessed it - "everyday coffee". Our current choice of "everyday coffee" is Melitta ( the price is right). I must confess that in a pinch, it finds its way into the "dress up coffee". When that happens it doesn't go over or more accurately down very well. No one asks for a second cup.

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Cathy said...


I like that term "dress up coffee".

I am in need of lots of dress up coffee today because I keep staying up too late watching TV. I should know better.